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Southland Cities Compete for "Biggest Ho" Title

In an effort to support LA County cities that foster business-friendly development environments, the LA County Economic Development Corporation is awarding a title that we've affectionately termed "The Big Ho". So sez the Los Angeles Business Journal:
"L.A. area cities are often criticized for being hostile to business. Now, in a bid to get cities to be more responsive to business, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. wants to recognize cities that do go out of their way to put out the welcome mat for business."Curious about what form the proverbial "welcome mat" takes, we dug deeper. Are finalists Burbank, El Segundo, Lancaster, Long Beach, and Santa Clarita wooing the judges with lap dances and Cristal? Which cities would prove to be the biggest sluts for development, like Sandy and Cha Cha competing for Danny's affection with sluttier-than-thou outfits? Tell us about it, stud! Sadly, LAEDC has criteria other than big hair and spandex bottoms. Rather, taxes, economic development programs, and other incentives as cited as measures of comparison. Yawn.
· Business-Friendly Cities Lauded [Los Angeles Business Journal]