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And A Bathing Ape Too

LA.Comfidential keeps the news on Japanese imports flowing. A Bathing Ape, the super expensive retailer of import shoes, clothing and the Tokyo hip-hop lifestyle, will be setting up shop on Melrose, according to an article in California Apparel News. As described in New York Metro, A Bathing Ape sets itself apart by creating an air of exclusivity.

To the faithful (who know it as BAPE), it represents membership in a cult brand that’s spun off a record label, hair salon, café, and toy line in just over ten years. The secret? Exclusivity—everything is limited-edition, and BAPE’s Hong Kong branch is open only to prescreened “members”—which produces rock-concert-style lines at BAPE stores and a resale market where a T-shirt can fetch $1,000. A $1,000 t-shirt? Wow, that actually makes those $350 BAPE Marvel Comics Iron Man sneakers look affordable.
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