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I.D. Recognizes Local Talent. We're Impressed.

I.D. - The International Design magazine - has recognized several local designers and architects for their work in this month's edition, the 2006 Annual Design Review. Under the "Environments" category, "Maximilian's Schell," designed by local architects Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogués, took Best of Category. "Maximilian's Schell", once located in the courtyard of the Materials & Applications art gallery won raves from the judges for its "technological bravura" and "the integrity of its realization." Not only that, for the short time it was in place, it looked freakin' kewl.

Also winning a Best of Category, in the "Furniture" category, was Monterey Park based Peter Ng, Product Designer for Koncept Technologies, who put together the Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp. The jurors found the lamp elegant and unobtrusive. A juror raved, ""It's a classic. It's a little bit '80s, a little masculine, a little of Sapper's Tizio but less busy and less expensive." (Note to self, do Google search on "Sapper's Tizio", until then just nod and smile, and pretend to know what they're talking about -ed.)

Other locals recognized include:

Design Distinction
Frank Gehry
category: Furniture
Dude, the guy made a $575 paper lighting module. Genius.

Honorable mentions after the jump.

Honorable Mention
Marmol + Radziner
category: Environments
For their prefab work, what else?

Honorable Mention
Cory Grosser of Los Angeles's Positive Industrial Design
category: Furniture
Gradations in polyester fabrics for upholestry. That's right. Your couch in multiple colors.

Honorable Mention
Stuart Karten Design
category: Concepts
Twisted and insane is how their concept work is described. They would have won if the jurors weren't so revolted.