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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Roosevelt's New Shoes

Thanks for the good feedback this week. Some of the questions actually were answered. Please email your question for next week to We'll also take your updates to past questions if you got any.

(Picture of Undefeated from flickr user hector)

UPDATE: A reader emailed us a question for next week and also gave us an update to a previous question about the status of the Larchmont Lofts. She says: "My friend inquired about buying one of the units and the starting price is $350,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Well, that's more info than we had before. Thank you!

1) Van Nuys: Okay. About that urine smell near Valley College, we have no clue, and nobody is willing to go investigate apparently. Maybe there's a leak in an underground sewer line. Gross. We're not thinking about this anymore.

2) Silver Lake: Commenter Lisa has an answer for your retail question. "Sunset and Hyperion = Undefeated, a shoe store that sells collectible designer sneakers. They also have stores on La Brea and in Santa Monica."

3) Hollywood: Sorry reader, no one has any info to share with us on the twin illuminated towers atop the old Warner's theater. They'll remain as in the dark as us.

4) Downtown: Lot's of negativity from the commenters on the future success of the Roosevelt Lofts. Sucky views. Sucky parking situation. Sounds like New York. Dan in the comments says "Roosevelt is right on top of the redline, with a rooftop pool and club. If the units are nice inside, it could be a great place." That should be the Roosevelt's tag line. Spell it all out for the consumer and let them decide.