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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Ta-Ta

Remember, no R&B next week, or probably the week after that either. We're on summer hiatus next week and will return refreshed and slightly older after the Labor Day holiday. If you have questions for when we return please email them to us at Only a few Q's were answered this week, so we'll leave the unanswereds up until we return.

1) Pasadena: Everyone and their mother has an answer to the "Desire" signage in Pasadena. From an emailer: "A site-specific art exhibit upstairs with Emi Fontana's WEST OF ROME gallery: go check it out. It's next to the Trader Joe's." Art.Blogging.LA also has an entire post on Monica Bonvicini's Not For You exhibit at the gallery. Good Stuff.

2) Beverly Grove: UNANSWERED: "I heard that the Beverly Center Shopping Center is in negotiations to be sold to Cedars; could this be true? Has the Grove really had such a negative impact to the B.C? And does that mean we will all have to pay the ridiculous parking fees that Cedars charges, instead of the $1 that BC charges."

3) Pasadena: Susie in the comments says: "I believe the bugalows in pasadena are part of a city program which will restore them and then offer them for sale to first time, low income home buyers at a below market rate. The houses had been rentals with 10-15 people living in each house."

4) Fairfax/Miracle Mile: From the Larchmont Chroncle (10/2005), via a commenter: "Another major development where a department store—the Broadway—once stood includes 288 apartment units above 12,500 square feet of ground-floor restaurant and retail space. San Francisco-based BRE Properties bought the two-acre site at 5600 Wilshire Blvd., named “The Pit,” after a former developer abandoned the property, after leaving a deep crevice on the site. Ground breaking is expected this year." MrMan in the comments ominously warns of a gigantous project involving both 5600 and 5500 wilshire, the current site of a shuttered Office Depot.

5) Hollywood Adjacent: UNANSWERED: "Maybe you've written about this in the recent past and I missed it, but does anyone know what the lineup of land-fill (big long trucks that hold a lot of dirt) is doing on Santa Monica between Vermont and Western in the mornings?"

6) West LA: Good news west LA, your getting more storage according to Kelley and Pete in the comments.

7) Westlake/MacArthur Park: UNANSWERED: "There are two vacant lots fenced off on 7th Street between Rampart and Coronado, separated by an alley. ZIMAS and the County Assessor aren't showing any recent ownership changes, so why hasn't anything been built on these parcels?"

See you in two weeks with a new Rumblings and Bumblings.