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McMansion Envy (number) MADLIBS

In light of our downtime next week, we thought we'd leave you with a way to entertain yourself. Its a McMansion Envy madlib that you can play with friends and/or friendly neighbors. Just fill in the blanks and let the laughter roll from your gut.

This mcmansion in (Valley Neighborhood) is built to last. Situated in a (adjective) neighborhood, this home has everything you could ever want or need - (adjective) (noun: household appliance) for (-ing verb), (noun: material) floors, and a huge (adjective) room perfect for entertaining guests from the Country Club. This mcmansion mixes old world (region of Italy) with new world (ethnicity) charm; featuring (number) fireplaces, (number) bathrooms, and (number) bedrooms it's sure to impress your boss and get you a promotion to (job title). Retail Price: (number greater than one million).