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Hancock Park Gets Its HPOZ

[Photo Credit: Larchmont Chronicle]

To close out a story we had been following for a while, the City Council overwhelmingly approved the Hancock Park HPOZ on August 1st. Unless you live in one of the 1200 homes that it covers, you probably don’t care that much, but you should because many of the houses in Hancock Park are pretty f’ing gorgeous. The exact scope of the HPOZ remains to be written by the Department of Planning, but it basically protects historic homes (post-1956 structures and ranch and contemporary style homes are exempted) from being torn down or altered out of scope or style with the neighborhood. This ordinance really struck the ire of some of the property-rightists, who are outraged that the government can tell people what to do! We can’t imagine a world where the government can tell people what to do with their property.
· Hancock Park HPOZ [Larchmont Chronicle]