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Anaheim Classin’ Up This Joint

Anaheim City Council voted this week to replace a mobile home park in the Anaheim Resort with 1,300 condo and 200 affordable rental units. First of all, let’s discuss the flippant use of the term “resort.” Last time we checked, “resort” meant margaritas and ceviche on the beach, not churros and orange drink while queuing for the Jungle Cruise, MK? Nevertheless, “Anaheim Resort” is the official name given to the area in a specific plan governing uses near the Disneyland theme parks

But also, when did Anaheim get too klassy for affordable housing? Up to 9,500 residential units are planned for the nearby Platinum Triangle, all skewing toward the luxury end of the spectrum. So what’s so bad about a few affordable rentals in a city defined until recently by themed motels?

· Anaheim Gives Initial Nod to Low-Cost Housing Plan in Disney Resort Area [LA Times]