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Allure of the Tar Pits Too Much For BLDGBLOG

Pre-eminent writer of urbanist fantasies, theory and observations, Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG, a frequent source for material on this blog, has made an announcement on his weblog that he's picking up his 'puter and moving to Los Angeles. Good for him. He's looking for a few good recommendations on neighborhoods for he and his missus to settle into as well as places where the cool kids go to be cool.

...if anyone out there reads BLDGBLOG – any advice on where to live, what to do, who to know...? Better yet, are you in the real estate business and you just happen to have the perfect 2-bedroom apartment, with office space, eagerly waiting to be rented in the ideal neighborhood – and it's so secret that even Curbed LA doesn't know about it yet? For that matter, are you preparing to leave the country for several months and you live in Beverly Hills and you need an architecturally enthusiastic man and his delightful wife to water your plants till you get back? Please help Geoff find a decently walkable, somewhat architecturally interesting, generally peaceful hood to move into. Atwater Village? Beverly Grove? WeHo? Echo Park? San Pedro? Eagle Rock?
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