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Jesus Likes Good Reception Too

We all love our mobile phones, even those of us who regularly pay homage to Christianity. But the proposed placement of a Cingular tower behind a hilltop Christian cross in southwest Pasadena has enraged many nearby residents beyond what is usually the case for mobile phone towers. Opponents have tried every argument, from health to aesthetics, to sink its approval, but there’s little doubt that the opposition stems from the tower’s close proximity to the cross. The tower was initially rejected, but that decision is now being appealed, thereby infuriating more bible thumpers nearby residents. It’s all about the big J.C., and all many residents see is red:

"I've never seen opposition" that had "this degree of anger," said Jennifer Moser, whose engineering and technology consulting firm, Moser Consulting, is representing Cingular at hearings.
One man was told to leave the room after he began shouting.

"They are taking this personally to the point where we felt very threatened," said Moser, who added she would be bringing security guards to the next hearing. WWJD? We’re guessing not this.
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