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The Marina Freeway that Could

[Image Credit: L.A. Times]

Once dubbed the Richard M. Nixon Freeway, the Marina Freeway is a fast road to nowhere. Literally. It is only 1.5 miles long, and few people, other than those living in the area, have actually driven on it. The County plans to change that. As part of an overall development strategy to increase gross receipt totals in Marina Del Rey (and raise more money for the County, ahem), the County plans to extend the Marina Freeway to Admiralty Way and to promote additional development in the area.

NIMBYism is already on the scene, and some local residents are pledging “war” against the County. Many residents don’t want the increased development, and they certainly don’t want a freeway to make Marina Del Rey easily accessible to even more cars. Of course, these residents do not want to do anything themselves that would lessen congestion. In our experience, we thought everyone in Marina Del Rey was too old to drive, but we may be wrong about that.

Anyway, County officials say that this project could ease congestion and have, in essence, told residents, “Tough sh**.” Community planning is a beautiful thing.
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