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Rumblings & Bumblings: If it's Tuesday, it must be...

Good to see you all got your questions out of your system this week. We won't be doing R&B next week as we slow things down for an end of summer holiday. That's right! Our overlords in New York are letting us have a week off so posting will be light as we head to the weekend. If you got answers to these questions or any questions for when we return please email them to us at See you Thursday.

1) Pasadena: A mysterious sign appears in Pasadena. "I came across this (picture above) today. It's atop the ledge above the shops at Macy's on South Lake in Pasadena in front of Trader Joe's. I called the South Lake Avenue promotion people and got no response and I can't find anything online. I wonder if one of your readers might know what it's all about. Maybe it's just a prop for something being filmed?"

2) Beverly Grove: An old rumor sprouts new wings. Somebody kill it quick. "I heard that the Beverly Center Shopping Center is in negotiations to be sold to Cedars; could this be true? Has the Grove really had such a negative impact to the B.C? And does that mean we will all have to pay the ridiculous parking fees that Cedars charges, instead of the $1 that BC charges."

3) Pasadena: And back to Pasadena we go. "Just north of the 210 Freeway on Fair Oaks, on the west side of the street, a whole gaggle of historic-looking houses have been boarded up and fenced off ... does anyone have any idea what is going on with them? Are they being restored, removed, demolished???"

4) Fairfax: Name that hole! "I wonder the status of the giant hole on Wilshire Bl, between Hauser and Ridgeley Dr is. It's been a big hole for quite some time, long enough for Google maps to document it as such. 5600 Wilshire, once The Broadway dept store, has been known as The Pit for years. Back in '05 an article said BRE Properties owned it and planned apartments. nowadays Summit Builders (?) lists it as a project of theirs. What's the real story?"

5) Hollywood Adjacent: More dirt hauling trucks. LACMA anyone? "Maybe you've written about this in the recent past and I missed it, but does anyone know what the lineup of land-fill (big long trucks that hold a lot of dirt) is doing on Santa Monica between Vermont and Western in the mornings?"

6) West LA: A development question. "What's going up on Olympic just east of Bundy? Another office tower, presumably?"

7) Westlake/MacArthur Park: And the last question of the week. "There are two vacant lots fenced off on 7th Street between Rampart and Coronado, separated by an alley. ZIMAS and the County Assessor aren't showing any recent ownership changes, so why hasn't anything been built on these parcels?"