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Stee-Rike!! Eyewitness Reporting

After last week's report of the City bullying impending strikers from the Engineers and Architects union, we feared some good old-fashioned Haymarket-style labor violence. Alas, all seems pretty calm, as one of our readers writes in:

On my way into work this morning there were 30-40 EnA Union members protesting outside the police station (HQ?) Piper Tech on Ramirez St. across from Patsouras Transit Plaza. There were also about 5 uniformed police officers that looked really bored with the assignment of keeping the station’s driveway clear of protesters. Everything was orderly, but there was lots of honking going on.

I checked my streets and busses weren’t wildly driving themselves after pedestrians or running with raw effluent, so I guess the force of the strike has yet to be felt…

So there we have it, bored police, some honking, lack of raw effluent. Just another quiet day downtown.