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More on H&M: the October Surprise

Thank you to our friends down the street at LA.Comfidential for doing the footwork we're often too drunk to do. They tracked down an H&M spokesperson (or casually bumped into him, or something) and asked the question that has been on so many people's minds. "Just what the fuck does Fall 2006 mean?"

He told us that the Beverly Center and Pasadena stores are set to open late October, with openings at Hollywood and Highland, Century City and another undisclosed Westside location to follow. Okay, so we have a more narrowed down time frame for the BC and Pasadena stores. We're curious as to the "undisclosed Westside location" but we're betting on either Westwood or Santa Monica as prime locations for preppy white people to buy the cheap & fashionable Swedish goods.
· H&M Update [LA.Comfidential]