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World's Longest Street: Check!

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Besides having more actors/models/writers than any other city in the world, Los Angeles has another claim to fame of which most of us are unaware. The world’s longest street within one jurisdiction is one that we frequent every day. As the Los Angeles City Beat informs us, Figueroa Street runs for 22 unbroken miles, from Eagle Rock to San Pedro. Of course, the parallel 110 is now the route of choice for many traversing this path and who want to make it there in less than the 12 hours it would probably take to drive the distance on Figueroa. In fact, the 110 replaced portions of the older Figueroa, with some of the 110’s tunnels formerly used by motorists on Figueroa. Since most Angelenos will never actually explore the Figueroa corridor, the City Beat article offers a detailed description as the author drives the distance.

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