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Can El Segundo Get Any More Gentrified? Starbucks Says Yes!

The quaint northernmost South Bay beach town of El Segundo is all abuzz with news that Starbucks is moving into the heart of the community, threatening local mom and pop coffee shops with an unforgiving barage of frappuccinos and bitterly brewed coffee. Some see it as a sign of changing times but others see it as unwelcome competition in the hood. The owners of the Blue Butterfly Coffee shop wonder why Starbucks is building a new store on Grand when they already have one down the road on Sepulveda. Others are more sanguine.

Karin Dardarian, the owner of the Our Daily Grind coffee shop on Main and Pine Avenue, had a different perspective when it came to competition -- indifference. "I'm not afraid of Starbucks," she said. "Starbucks is not in control of the future; the Lord is."

And we all know that Jesus hates multi-national chains that use his birth to sell overpriced Pumpkins Spice Lattes at Christmas time. We feel like a sinner everytime we buy one, but they're so, so tasty.
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