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The Battle of the Fall Architecture Tours

Another break in our no-events listing policy to expose the showdown in architecture tours taking place this fall. None of these guys seems to speak to the other one before they start to plan. We mentioned a few weeks ago that the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs was planning a Modernist tour in that neighborhood for Sept 30th, with Lautner's Silvertop as the pretty, pretty carrot they dangle in front of us. Now we get word that the annual MAK Center fundraising tour is set for Oct 1st, focused more towards the Hollywood Hills, with Pierre Koenig's Case Study #22 as the jewel in that tour (we love mixing our metaphors!) As if that isn't enough CA Boom is planning a series of architecture tours throughout the fall, including a West Hollywood one on...Sept 30th. Featuring...Case Study #22.

Ah, CSSLR's Drunken Tiger Kung Fu is strong, but is it any match for the MAK Center's Squatting Toad, Hiding Monkey-style? Either way, we're beginning to suffer from tour burnout. If the escalating cost of attending each and every tour is beginning to take a toll on your wallet, just about all of them are looking for volunteer docents.
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