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Living In The Trade Deficit Video takes a look at the ways local architects like Peter Demaria have fought rising construction costs by using recycled shipping containers piling up near the port. Smart reuse of materials or sad statement on the state of the US economy? As one of our friends loves to point out, its a too perfect economic metaphor for the moment:

Build your home INSIDE the cavernous, vaccuous trade deficit! Hell, there's tons of space, on the cheap. It's what all the fashionable hipsters are doing. Can't afford a home that's quadrupled in value after a swift interior decorating job with plastic crap from China? Then live in the empty containers that brought the crapola over in the first place! You may not be rich, but your life can be rich in irony -- only moments before the housing bubble implodes, of course.But, like, other than that, its pretty cool, right?
·Home, sweet shipping container? [ Video]