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Boom Boom Room Saved

The saga of the Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach comes to a nice happy end, reports Towleroad.

The co-owners of Laguna Beach's historic Boom Boom Room and Coast Inn have come to an agreement with the property's new owner, Steven Udvar-Hazy. Hazy has offered them a new one-year lease, according to an email to supporters from Fred Karger, who led a petition drive to save the fabled nightclub.
Despite all odds against its survival, the Boom Boom Room will continue to serve a new generation, and a calcifying generation, of gays in the OC at least for one more year. However, we wonder if this is just a tactic by Mr. Udvar-Hazy to let some of the hub-bub die down before he bulldozes the place. We shall see...
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