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Stee-Rike!! Update

Plans for next week's strike by the Engineers and Architects Union remain in place. Mark your calendars, as August 22nd and 23rd promise some hot pickety action. From the EEA Union's poorly designed web site we get this:

The City is so afraid of EAA’s impending strike that they have been having management employees unlawfully threaten EAA represented classes with disciplinary action in an effort to keep them from participating in next weeks strike. EAA’s legal counsel has been quietly and diligently working behind the scenes to protect EAA member rights.

Meanwhile, our friends in City Gov are burning our ears with worries over dooming their careers if they don't show solidarity with their striking coworkers. Its a no win situation, we say. However, we hear that the planning higher-ups will be manning the counters on strike days so if you have any reason to bitch at the Planning Department, next week is the time to visit the public counter.
· Stee-Rike!! [Curbed LA]