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New Light Rail Route to the South Bay?

Wow. We don't know where the MTA is gonna get all of its money from, but we hope they get some more so they can actually make one or two of their studied light rail routes become reality. Today, the Daily Breeze reports on an infrequently used rail line, known as the Harbor Subdivision, connecting downtown to the South Bay that has the potential to be integrated into the City's existing mass transit system - whether by bus, light rail or MetroLink rail. Proponents of the rail line have gained the notice of the MTA and City Officials.

Harbor Area Councilwoman Janice Hahn also favors mass transit along the Harbor Subdivision. "I think the whole Harbor Area is disconnected from good mass transit," she said. "This would connect Wilmington eventually to the Green Line, so I think this is a good rail line to connect the Harbor Area."

Both Hahn and [Bill] Rosendahl believe commuter rail on the Harbor Subdivision would complement local light rail along an extended Green Line.

The Harbor Subdivision could accomplish what many of you readers have already requested, a direct route to LAX from Downtown with no train switches. Rosendahl has termed the right-of-way "The LAX Express". If only. A map of the proposed route after the jump.

(map by The Transit Coalition)
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