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Curbed New Yorkers Riled By Angelenos

In the grand scheme of things, what New Yawkers have to say about Los Angeles isn't really worth validating, however commenters to our brother site in New York regarding the above faux-advert have entertained us to no end. Really, to no end. Just a sample of the wit and wisdom of NYC:

Anonymous: and #1 I stand firmly on the side of a quake sinking LA (somehoe without hurting people for sure). LA is a sink hole of crap. It makes Jersey seem very nice ;) Sorry had to work the NYC vs Jersey debate into this as well.
NYCrunk: I say we take it to the LA crowd on their fancy-pants "Curbed LA" site. Oh, it's on!
John Prolly: in LA you need a car... 'nuff said. All hail density. Least our thugs are REAL!

West Coast thugs get pedicures. Tu Pac was a bitch anyway.
Envious: Our Disneyland (Times Square) is better than your Disneyland.
Nolte: Because NY doesn't need ads like these to make a point (or attract tourism).

LA is just a second-rate world city. Like Brussels or Sao Paulo.

38 comments in total. And they ragged on Brussels and Sao Paulo too? What punks. Dirty stinkin' punks. Have at it Angelenos, or don't. Maybe we should all go to the beach and enjoy the lack of humidity.
· The LA Perspective on Borough Warfare: We All Suck [Curbed]