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Helio Store Makes Us Drool

(rendering via Flickr user Rafat Ali)

More highly stylized store packaging is on its way to 3rd Street in Santa Monica. Joining the Apple Store as a mecca for the technology obsessed, Helio, the cell phone Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MNVO), is opening its first bricks and mortar glass and plastic retail store in Santa Monica this October. Via MocoNews:
We’re creating an environment where both members and potential members can come in and experience Helio in some pretty cool ways. No lines, boutique treatment, “spa” services for members (like device cleaning) - just a cool place to be”…that’s the description Helio’s PR gives of the retail environment it is going for. The benefit of the Helio cell service is the media connectability of the phones, including direct connections with that horrible MySpace (it's pure evil!) and streaming video from a variety of providers. We hear the young people enjoy those things. The stores are being designed by Gensler, who MocoNews notes is also behind the Apple Stores.
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