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Rumblings & Bumblings: We Want Our H&M

Thanks for the questions and update this week. We posted them, now we rely on other people to answer them in the comments or via email to us. Please email and we'll see if we can post answers on Thursday.

(photo credit: Paul Dell'Aquila)

Update: Many moons ago we had a post about the corner of Venice and Lincoln and what was planned for said site. A reader emails in an update: "I saw a post a few weeks ago about someone asking whats going on at the vacant lot on the SW corner of Venice and Lincoln b/c its been vacant for a while after the gas station was torn down and since I live really really close; I got this flier on my door. Looks like condos will be going there of course, which is just awful; I don't know who in their right mind would choose to live there, but I'm sure there's already a waiting list though like is the case with most Venice addresses. Anyways just thought I'd share; we'll see what happens though, according to one of your readers; the soil is pretty well polluted w/ gasoline and such. Also they forgot to include the Planner's full phone number of course."

...and the newer questions...

1) Los Angeles: We can tell the anticipation is building and some of you are ready to burst. "Any estimate on the opening of the H&M stores in the Bev Center or the one near Hollywood & Highland...? Or any others coming to the area...?"

2) Culver City: The questioner of Q1 has a second question. "Some Culver City love - the buildings on the northwest corner of Washington Blvd. and Centinela have all been closed and boarded up. Any idea what's going on there? There must be a lot of folks that are missing the giant US Liquors that was on the corner. For what it's worth, the lot on the northEAST corner has already been cleared and ready for something, too. Are they possibly related?"

3) Theoretical Los Angeles: Okay, we have no idea where this question goes. It's kind of rhetorical, but a questioner emails it in so we post it here. Food for thought. "With the debate of the cost/benefit of prefab dwellings, would it (or would it not) be practical for a handful of people to go in on a cluster of homes from the same manufacturer, and split the cost of a piece of land.

Example vacant lot:

Example prefab home (V2 Flat):

You could fit four of those prefabs on the same lot. Have four people go to the same builder and split the land cost four ways. Just an idea."

Anywho, if you have commentary or answers or something to say you can always email us and we'll post your stuff on Thursday.