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Surfas Saying Goodbye To Culver City?

It looks like one of the oldest businesses in Culver CIty and a linchpin in the neighborhood's increasing gentrification has become a victim of the town's success. Surfas, the great restaurant supply and gourmet food store, seems to be losing its battle against City Hall's decision to invoke eminent domain to take over its nearby warehouse. Without its warehouse, Les Surfas is preparing to say goodbye to Culver City permanently. Rejecting the city's offer of $4.89 million for his warehouse, Les is trying to fight The Man but eminent domain decisions rarely get overturned. The details are fuzzy on what the city has in mind for the site, but it looks like Surfas is prepared to spend the next year in litigation. Its a heartbreaking story for us, to think about losing those amazing grilled cheese sandwiches so soon after the cafe opened. Let's hope Les finds a reasonable solution, lest we lose those "haute dogs" too soon.
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