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One of our nervous friends in LA City Gov. gave us a ring last night and let slip that a strike date had been set for the Engineers and Architects Union. You may remember the EAA are the planners and engineers that are always massing at City Hall in those black tees asking for more money. The strike date, according to the union's web site updated today, is set for two days, August 22 and 23rd and "to be accompanied by additional actions which will disrupt the city thoroughly on those days." From the Unions site:

"As we have stated before City Council in the past, we do not define the terms of engagement in this fight; the Mayor and City Council have done that. We will now respond collectively in the terms we have been provided – through the language of work stoppages and disruption. The resounding “NO !” must be followed by decisive, collective action on our part if the Mayor and City Council fail to act responsibly, and soon." Should be fun.