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Curbed LA's Tales of the Miscellaneous

Bubble: Dude, Lansner on Real Estate is totally killing our buzz. O.C. house sale numbers for July are tracking near levels not seen since 1991. We all remember 1991, right? Ok, we don't, but we think that was the time of LA's last great housing collapse.
· Home-sales slump approaches '91 depths [Lansner on Real Estate]

Environment: Mayor Villaraigosa gets interviewed about LA's attempts to go green. We're cleaning up our ports, going sustainable, and building more transit oriented development. The Mayor praises kids for not being as dumb as their parents, and actually cleaning up after themselves. He then tells the interviewer that he has a bush (see picture).
· Green Industry Talk Show Host Nick Federoff Interviews Los Angeles Mayor [Lawn & Landscape Magazine]

City Life: Forbes has compiled a list ranking the best cities for singles. Los Angeles ranks 19th, between San Diego (18) and Providence (20). Forbes ranked cities in seven categories: nightlife, culture, job growth, number of other singles, cost of living alone, coolness, and online dating activity. The beaver trappers in Denver came out on top.
· The Best Cities For Singles [Forbes via The Zillow Blog]

Architecture: We still haven't seen the Met Lofts interactive visual display yet. Maybe the next time we're downtown in the middle of the night (never happens) we'll check it out. But Information Aesthetics provides an actual pic of the building showing the display. We have to wonder if the glowing red lights flashing on randomly is slightly annoying for the tenants.
· enteractive building facade [Information Aesthetics]