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How to Make Walking Better in LA

The Angelenic blog gets down to the very essence of walkability in LA. Now we know, LA isn't known for pedestrians. Sometime when we walk down the street we feel like a circus monkey, swinging our arms, kicking our legs forward, and entertaining the gawking auto passengers. Angelenic looks at the walkability of Downtown and ways to make things better for people like us.

Assuming those who pursue business, living, or leisure activities in the Downtown area can actually arrive at their destination, the next step is the proper siting, integration, and ease of use of the various transportation options available to visitors. Something as seemingly simple as the location of a parking garage or a sign on a bus stop can positively or adversely impact a pedestrian’s ability to navigate the city.

I know I stated earlier that mass transit is crucial to a city’s ability to nurture pedestrians and pedestrian-oriented development — and it is — but let’s face it: People are still going to be driving their cars into, out of, and through our central city areas.

The article looks at the various methods to improve walkability and movement of people within the downtown core, including the use of streetcars, the elimination of one way streets, and more taxis. However, there is no mention of the congestion panacea: the monorail.
· Pedestrianism L.A., part two: Transportation and Transit [Angelenic]