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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Incopetent and Smelly

Thank you for your most informative answers this week. We'll be taking questions and updates from now until Tuesday at which time we'll do this all over again. Can we get three smell questions in a row? Stay tuned. Your emails to Thanks.

CORRECTION: We get word this week that one of our most fanciful finds is too good to be true. Back when we reported Heath Ledger was moving into the "Tree House" at Ellen DeGeneres' compound, we had word from the next best thing as the horses mouth that the previous owner had a whole mistress/wife house calamity and had to sell shortly after buying. In fact, the previous owner of said home emails us to put that rumor to bed. SHE says it's simply not true. However she teases us with the following: "The true story is much more interesting, but is extremely private as I am quite media shy." We apologize for the inaccurate report.

and your answers with a 100% guarantee that we have no idea if they are accurate.

1) Hollywood: The soil sampling et al. at Highland and DeLongpre is explained. "that was soil remediation, testing and sewer capping.....a 56 unit condo building with ground floor retail is coming to the former car wash site." And another emailer adds, "...the Hollywood and Delongpre site where a former car wash was is being developed as lofts (prob 4 stories) with retail on the bottom by Lennar Urban, the Downtown LA based division of the gigantic homebuilder. I am sure they will be nice, their San Diego projects are SWEET!"

2) North Hollywood: from the comments, Carter answers what is planned for the site presently occupied by Steven's Nursery. "...the Steven's Nursery site will ultimately be developed into yet another jungle jim condo project. Great location adjacent to Gelson's." No word yet if the project will be Tuscan infused.

3) Silver Lake: The project next to Sunset Silver Lake is a senior housing project (pictured above). One reader emails: "This is a senior housing project that just happens to be under construction by the same firm that is doing KOR's project, Dreyfuss Construction." Another reader angrily types in, "GOD YOU ARE SO INCOPETENT (sic) IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY THAT I WANT TO HURT SOMEONE!!! Its the laguna senior apartments and it is more than 23% complete." It's never too late to ask for help.

4) Larchmont: Carter in the comments once again knows the answer to what's planned for the former House restaurant in Larchmont. "Jay's Larchmont Grill is getting ready to open in the former House space - Jay Fagnano used to own Tahiti on 3rd St. with Karen Salk."

5) Mid-Wilshire: Methane Gas. Sulfur. 99-Cent store. Tar Pits, baby. It all has an odor. One reader says: "Methane release valve from the gas pockets under the area. Exploding Ross anyone?" Another emailer says, "It's from naturally occuring sulfur decomposition in the soil, many of the buildings for example the condos on Orange, have a system that collects the fumes at ground level and funnels them up for release on the roof - thus keeping the smell out of the building."