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A Little Famima and Some Waraku Too

Our Japanese obsessed National Editor emailed us earlier this morning with a find he found on the internet. In addition to the Famima's sprouting up all over the place (and yes, to the two or three of you who've emailed, we have seen the one on Hollywood Blvd. and yes, we can't wait till it opens), there is a new Japanese brand hitting our shores. Via Cool Hunting, we now learn of Waraku on Abbot Kinney which is importing Japanese "limited edition" and hard-to-find gear to our shores. The shoe and shirt selection looks masterful, providing Nike Air Sabaku's and the clothing brand Namitatsu. We will be there this weekend. 1225 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, Ca 90291.
· Waraku and Namitatsu [Cool Hunting]