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Curbed LA: Opening Our Mailbag

Every so often when the news makes our eyes roll into the back of our heads we open our mail sack and fish out a few letters from actual readers who write to us. Ã? propos of nothing, we post them here, because we don't know what else to do with them. Please drop us a note at and we'll look at it.

Subject: New Farmers Market

It seems daily for the past few weeks someone has sent us an email or flyer about Mar Vista's stupid Farmers Market. We get it! Farm fresh tomatoes and sprouts. Here's the deets, now leave us be. "Little Mar Vista which has been in the shadows of neighbors Venice and Culver City, will be launching a new farmers market on Aug 6th at Venice Blvd and Grandview (an area that is seeing new businesses and the beginning of revitalization.) The link has all the details. Thank you for your consideration!"

Subject: LA institution closing...

Awww, we're suckers for heartwarming stories about girls and their mechanics. Sorry we didn't post earlier so people could stop by and say goodbye. "My mechanic, Al Horvat, whom I adore, is closing his shop after 43 years of business. I'm attaching a few images-he's the real McCoy. (Al, the owner, is on the right- ed.) I've spent part of the afternoon with him yesterday & it occurred to me that a story about him would probably make his decade. He's 86 years old.

The business is Town Tire, located at 7505 Beverly Boulevard, near the CBS lot, in Los Angeles. As you may imagine, it's a bit of an institution in the neighborhood. His last day of business is this Saturday, July 29th."

Subject: forgive me for being Silverlake centric....

Brevity always gets our attention. Brevity with a picture attachment gets our love. "what up kids? havent seen any coverage on this." Now you have. It's a plan for Phase II of improvements to the path around Silver Lake reservoir. Click thumbnail for larger image. Or go here to download the entire PDF.