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Rose Bowl: What’s in Your Wallet?

According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, Rose Bowl officials have been sniffing around town, asking residents and business owners how much they’d be willing to pay for upgraded luxury boxes at the historic stadium.
"Would your company be willing to spend $75,500 a year for a luxury suite at a renovated Rose Bowl? How about $60,000? Or if that’s way out of your league, how about $2,500 for outdoor club seating?" Forgive us for suggesting that responses might be a tad skewed toward the cheapo southern end of the price spectrum. At least, here’s how the convo would go if Rose Bowl officials sidled up to us at the impressive Curbed Corporate Headquarters:

Rose Bowl: “Hey,… how much extra would you offer to pay us for posher seats?”
Curbed (slyly): “How about $7?”

We’re not cheap, we’re just utility-maximizers with a careful watch on our pocketbook. This is not to say we’re not thrilled with the idea of a spiffed up Bowl. But perhaps they could spring for a good old-fashioned market study?
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