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Traffic, Bombs and Twee

What a clusterfuck. Apologies to our reader who hates it when we swear, but what a clusterfuck. Ryan from Losanjealous experienced the worst traffic Los Angeles has to offer driving down the 10 last evening on his way to the Belle & Sebastian/Shins show at the Hollywood Bowl. Our ride to the show was making the same trek and hit the same wall of cars, leaving Santa Monica at 6:30pm and arriving in Hollywood at 8pm. And then Franklin was shut down and restaurant patrons were evacuated in front of the Celebrity Scientology Center around the same time, due to a suspicious package or something (we swear we heard a boom -ed.) creating what can only be described as a traffic clusterfuck. A perfect storm of twee loving, skinny hipsters in European cars crawling along Hollywood Boulevard and surrounding side streets with no place to go. We missed the Shins - another personal Los Angeles traffic casualty - but arrived to see an excellent B&S show. Subway to the sea...