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Friday Afternoon Linkage

Its finally friday, we're almost over last night's hangover from the Belle & Sebastian show, we're feeling a little frisky with the linkage today. So for now, we turn from nightmarish traffic tales, urban farming woes and bad bus rides to the lighter side of los angeles real estate: overpriced, gaudy celebrity-owned estates. LA again bears the dubious distinction of being the site of the most expensive residential property in the US: the late Aaron Spelling's home in Holmby Hills. According to Property Maven, the house has been secretly put on the market for $150 million, beating out Donald Trump's Palm Beach estate by a cool $25 mil. What does $150 million buy you (aside from an ice rink, bowling alley, space for a doll museum and of course, that infamous gift wrapping room)? Damned if we know. The Westside Estate Agency has the listing but is "secretly" selling it so no listing on the web site yet.
· Spelling Mansion Secretly For Sale [Property Maven]

You know what that Spelling house really needs to class up the joint? A levitating bed! What will those crazy Dutch inventors think of next?
· Floating Magnetically Levitating Bed Invented [Raw Feed]

Remember that old adage about Palm Springs - mostly for gays and grays? How about graying gays? USA Today explores the growing need for gay retirement communities. RainbowVision is leading the pack, building its second, larger gay senior community in Palm Springs. And lest the older, hetero seniors feel excluded, note that these retirement centers are open to all. And of course, the gays know how to party, enticing their straight counterparts eager to avoid the mushy food and movie nights of "Cocoon" found in "regular" senior housing:

Dina Rubinstein, a 90-year-old great-grandmother, picked RainbowVision after a long search. "I can't stand the regular retirement places," she says. "They're just for old people."
· Gay seniors settle into a niche [USA Today]