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What To Eat This Weekend

Our restaurant informant emailed to let us know of a few imminent/recent openings, making it just that much harder to decide where to brunch this weekend (we heartily believe "brunch" is a verb)

BLD restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from the Grace folks is supposedly opening this weekend (former Red and Opaline space), as has the Eat Well in the former Cafe Tartine space nearby, as has Empress in the former Sushi on Sunset space adjacent to and west of the Body Shop on the strip
We also want to mention the opening of Noah's Ark in Van Nuys:
The biblically themed Noah’s Ark serves Mediterranean cuisine amidst intricate woodwork and murals that depict Noah’s trials. Dining options include chicken and beef shawarma, spinach and cheese pastries, ground meat and eggplant kebab, charbroiled lamb chops and baklava for dessert. Noah’s Ark, 13641 Burbank Blvd., Van Nuys, 818-786-1202.
Why? Because its a BIBLICALLY THEMED restaurant, which just boggles our mind. And because it gives us the opportunity to quote our favorite line from Wordplay:"IIf you switch the 's' and 'h' in Noah's Ark, it spells 'No! A Shark!'" Ha.