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Bus Rider's Epiphany: This Sucks

The LA Daily news journalists are a hardier bunch than those pussies over at the LA Times. A couple of months ago, one of the LA Times reporters decided to see how long it would take to use rapid transit to go from his house in the Hollywood Hills to LAX. His experiment took all of 2 hours, 47 minutes, sans luggage. The LA Daily News takes the challenge a little more seriously. Mariel Garza takes the bus for all of June - to work, for groceries, to meet friends. What she discovers: LA's MTA saves her neither time nor money (she owns a hybrid). She feels both humbled and humiliated and discovers there are only three kinds of white collar workers who take the bus:

I learned the only white-collar workers who take the bus are people who have recent DUI convictions, people with medical conditions, such as grand mal seizures, or people who are crazy. I often caught people looking at me as if they were wondering which I one I was.Apparently there are actually four, if you include all the journalist muckrakers out there looking to expose the inefficiency in the transit system.
· Bus experiment happily now in rear-view mirror [LA Daily News]