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Broker Boys & Babes: Voting Begins Monday

No! It really does. We think we have all of the kinks worked out and are ready to open voting this coming Monday. We'll keep the polls open Monday to Thursday, with the winners being officially announced on Friday. If we think of a prize maybe we'll offer one. In the meantime, we received a nice note from a reader in regards to brokers and their beauty, which we share here.

"So, I know there's this long anticipated realtor beauty contest. And, thanks to every bus stop I drive past en route to the office in West LA, I am reminded over and over again. I have a bevy of related questions.
But, they all kind of breakdown to WTF?

Why do they have to put their swarmy pictures on their ads and business cards? Does anyone who's about to throw down a a couple mil for their Brentwood dream home care if their realtor has a mustache
and seductively likes to lean on his name? Who started this trend and when?

A time not so long ago their business cards looked more like business cards than actor's head shots.
Are they thinking this whole skyrocketing real estate boom thing was caused by 1 x 2 glossy pics of their mugs?

And, while I would anticipate a NSFW realtor hottie expose, most of these guys and gals aren't exactly,
well, easy on the corneas. There's an applicable saying: You catch more flies with Honey.

I do appreciate their effort. I can understand what goes into getting their hair frosted and getting that blouse neck bow thing just right. And, should they go with the smile or the stoic? It takes them away from earning their measly 6 percent for xeroxing escrow papers from 1986 and filling in the occasional blank."

No hate mail from brokers. We know you guys do more than fill in blanks and photocopy. This is a reader opinion piece. We will gladly take your counter argument...