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Bulldozers Mass Around South Central Farm -- DESTROY!!

(image of Decepticon Bonecrusher via

From and LA IndyMedia comes word that the annihilation of the South Central Farm is underway. Daryl Hannah weeps somewhere in the world today. From Indy Media:

This morning shortly before 7:00am, bulldozers were unloaded on site at the Farm and began to destroy the 14-acre farm. They are on site right now with LAPD escorts. Dozens of supporters are at the Farm and on route to the Farm to hopefully prevent the eradication of the site. We hope that the farmers are able to relocate to a suitable site nearby, as has been mentioned previously, or our nutzo idea to put farms on the roofs of the new warehouses is somehow turned into reality.
· Bulldozers Move In to Destroy the South Central Farm!!! [LA IndyMedia]
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