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First Pics of Eastern Columbia's Big Dig

The improbably named Los Angeles Garment & Citizen (no, seriously) provides us the first pics of the construction work going on at the Eastern Columbia building's renovation. Taken from the knothole, they provide this commentary:

Construction crews labor in the shadow of the Financial District skyline and several stories below street level as they work on one of Downtown’s new projects—the renovation of the Eastern Columbia Building on the 800 block of S. Broadway. The Eastern Columbia is undergoing a conversion to condominiums, joining the upper floors of the Orpheum Theatre across Broadway as an upscale residential address along the famed thoroughfare. We'll keep checking in on that enormous hole in the ground as the Garment and Citizen's brave investigative team keeps reporting on it.
· Eastern Columbia’s Big Dig [The LA Garment & Citizen via LA Observed]