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Ken Smith Summarized. Update on Great Park

The OC Register gives a bit of print space over the weekend to Ken Smith, sometime Batman villain "The Landscaper", full time designer of Orange County's Great Park. There's not a lot of meat in the story, so we'll summarize in bulletpoints below.
· Ken Smith wears funny glasses.
· Ken Smith is aware that politicians suck.
· Ken Smith is a visionary.
· Ken Smith is compared to Frederick Law Olmstead, designer of NYC's Central Park.
· Ken Smith works best in the early morning hours.
· Ken Smith realizes this is a very important project.

In related Great Park news, Lennar and the City of Irvine have entered a deal to trade more public space (402 acres worth) in return for granting Lennar the ability to develop more housing on the site. The trade-off will allow for construction of the park to begin much sooner and will quench Orange County's insatiable need for housing.
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