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[Not a] Cornfield Closer to Becoming a Park

With the corn harvested, the stalks cleared, and the wiccan orgies moving to, um, greener pastures, the Cornfields near chinatown are one step closer to becoming a public park. The LA Times reports today that the State Parks Foundation has narrowed down its selection for the park's design to three firms, including one from LA. Details are kind of fuzzy on the proposals, but LA firm Mia Lehrer and Associates plan to turn the Cornfields into a "living museum" that aims to create an "Ellis Island for the West Coast" while the other two firms sound eerily similar with plans to revitalize the area for nearby communities. The $25,000 each firm wins to develop their master plan for the park should help crystalize those fuzzy little details. Did the Ellis Island of the West ever have a bandshell or pool? We think it should.
· 3 Firms Are Finalists to Design Park at Cornfield Site in L.A. [LA Times]