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2016! 2016!

In the future, round abouts 2016, when we will all have flying cars and eat our meals in pill form (shhh! It's people), Los Angeles may play host to the Summer Olympics. We've over come the first hurdle, so to speak, knocking off Houston and Philly to make it to the list of three for American host cities. Our main competition is San Francisco and Chicago. Mayor Villairagosa touted our city's rep as a world class host for the Olympic events and athletes. "This is a city built for the Olympic Games. In addition to our facilities, our vibrant and diverse community, our entertainment genius and the support of Angelenos and the business community alike provide powerful reasons for Los Angeles to host the 2016 Olympic Games."

Our main competition, discounting San Franciso (because really, San Francisco? Please), appears to be Chicago where Mayor Daley believes his city will get the nod. "We are honored to be a part of this process, and Chicago is committed to work with the USOC to develop a plan that can secure the necessary 60 international votes to bring the Olympic Games to the United States and to our great city." Uh-oh, a Daley talking about securing votes. Not looking good LA.
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