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Sunset Pacific to Get Less Murdery Looking

"The Den of Something Evil Hotel" aka "The Bates" aka "The Sunset Pacific" gets worse everytime we drive by. Something is dirtier or uglier or there's a new chainlink fence or graffiti. It's not a pretty site. links us up to a story in the Times reporting that Dana Hollister, of the Brite Spot Hollisters, is attempting to remake the scary lodge into a new magnet for travelling hipsters stopping off in Silver Lake on their mecca from Williamsburg or Red Hook, or wherever the kids are cool these days. Described as "an eclectic version of The W," the exorcised hotel will reopen anew in 2007 "with a restaurant-bar, a spa and a $255 nightly rate."
· A Brite Spot to Sleep In [LA.Comfidential]