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Rumblings & Bumblings: Blackout!

We hope you all are surviving the Great Rolling Blackout of 2006. We have friends sweltering in Atwater Village and other friends unable to work in Santa Monica. And our 'hood in Bronson Canyon got hit last night with a three hour blackout. It was like living in the Congo! This week we have a pair of q's and a promised update on the garagemajal. Stay safe and email your answers and queries to us at .

UPDATE. Beverly Crest: Our cuz from the LBC sends us some hot pics of the garagemajal in Beverly Crest. It's bigger then we remember but still not done. More pics after the jump.

and the new stuff...

1) Miracle Mile: We can't remember if this question has been asked and answered before. "what's being planned for the corner of Orange and Fairfax, across the street from LACMA and behind the diner available for filming??"

2) Fairfax: A reader wants to know what the hoo-hay is going in at the corner of Fairfax and Pico. "There used to be a restaurant called "Mo' Better Meaty Meatburgers" at the NE corner of Fairfax and Pico. Decent burgers but I can tell you that if you were the only person there it still took 20 minutes to get your burger, so I think the neighborhood will carry on. It shut down last year. The retail store next door had recently moved east one block to another building as well. Now both buildings have been torn down and the site has been cleared." Anyone have any idea what's planned for the site.