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Restaurant Opening: Needs Everything but Waiters

This sounds like a "new dining concept" dreamed up by those tech-loving, Tamagotchi-inventing Japanese. Opening soon in Woodland Hills: uWink Bistro. Sounding something like a MySpace of restaurants, uWink "is a social entertainment restaurant where guests can order their food, drinks, and media via touch screens located at their table." Which seems a lot less surprising when you know the founder was the CEO of both Atari and Chuck E. Cheese. And since they're so hi-tech, they also have a blog. Opening soonish in Woodland Hills, the space is designed by local firm Ralph Gentile Architects, who have done a few projects for the Hard Rock Hotels and places like Josie in Santa Monica and Le Colonial and Weho. Its a nerd's wet dream restaurant: pizza and burgers while also playing MMPORG. All you have to do is convince them to leave the couch.
· New Media Dining Concept Seeks Staff At All Levels [Craigslist]