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Weekend in Numbers

· 50,000+: Number of customers in Southern California without power as of Sunday, due to excessive heat, including 20,000 in the scorching hot Valley. [abc7]

· 3,337: Number of words we read in the Times special report on developer, mogul, billionaire Phil Anschutz before we completely lost interest and started watching the Brady Bunch marathon on TVLand. "Sometimes when we lose, we win." -Carol Brady. [LA Times]

· 300: Number of [expletive] acres around [expletive] Dodger Stadium, the McCourts may or may not have plans or "dreams" to develop, [expletive]. [LA Times]

· 119: Number of degrees - that's fahrenheit, right? - reached in Woodland Hills over the weekend. The hottest ever recorded in LA County. [nbc4]

· 5: Number of stories we read this weekend on local blogs telling us how hot it is. LAist reminds us that the best pants for hot weather are hot pants.

· 3: Number of NFL cities with weekend stories mentioning the potential loss of their beloved teams to the big, bad Los Angeles market. (San Francisco, New Orleans, Kansas City).

· 0: Percent chance that The Metro Hubstat Fli System (pictured above), a people mover connecting people to the MTAs transit lines, will ever come to fruition. Although it looks [expletive] cool. [the cool hunter]