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Melrose Gets Kinky: Coco de Mer to Open Soon

It turns out that Craigslist isn't just a great site for reuniting star-crossed wannabe lovers from the same circle jerk, or letting cops vent their frustration. Its also helps us get wind of new restaurant and retail changes coming to LA. Case in point: Melrose is about to get the flagship location of Coco de Mer, described by one of our readers as the Victoria's Secret of England, but from their site (NSFW), looks closer to Fredericks of Hollywood. What are they looking for exactly? Sure, having retail experience helps but what they really want is someone who won't gawk at Kate Hudson as she shops for a spank paddle:

Just as important is that you are confident with a celebrity clientele; you have a love for fashion, theatre, and have a warm kind personality. Please apply to become a part of this unique retail concept.Interested? Contact And if you know where on Melrose Coco is coming, please let us know.