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Weho's "Secret" Parking Plan Revealed!

The ace reporters at Weho News have uncovered the master parking plan to alleviate congestion on commercial strips: build more lots. Lots are currently planned for the site of the current Petersen building on Sunset (a future site for a Millenium project hotel), a four-story garage with a tennis court (we shit you not) at the future Weho library site, and the new Red Building at the Pacific Design Center. And the city planners in Weho are also willing to put their money where their mouths are, so to speak. Their parking planning largesse extends to City Hall, with a proposed lot there adding another 200 spaces. With land prices at a premium and few lots with a large enough footprint to build garages, Weho has had to find other "creative" ways to alleviate parking. One other idea they're considering: adding more city valets. What it all sounds like to us: way more expensive parking than fighting your way through the Grove clusterfuck.
· WeHo’s Parking Problem Solved? [Weho News]