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TMZ Reports on Potential Beckham Move

Mercury is in retrograde or some such nonsense, so please bare with us as we stumble through a few more celebrity real estate pieces today. As we reported back at the beginning of June, David and Victoria Beckham are house hunting in LA. Today, TMZ narrows down the house hunting location to Bel Air for the two-some, with rumours (Brit spelling) swirling that the fish and chip loving football star will play for the LA Galaxy. The news was originally broken by local blogger Sprinkles: The Wit and Wisdom of Cupcakes, who met the couple's Portuguese emissary to LA real estate. TMZ commenters are abuzz with love:

These people suck. Please please please do not buy magazines that mention them on the cover. Do not encourage this Eurotrash. He kicks a ball and she professionally looks vacant for a living. and... bel air needs another pair of tits on a stick .. sheesh.. does that woman ever smile for the camera? and... At least we'll have someone with fashion sense to watch. Victoria is always on the inside track with fashion and hopefully all the bimbos will learn something. Tomorrow, we'll go house hunting for the Beckhams ourselves, finding spots where Posh can be Posh and Becks can kick his balls.
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