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Update: Street Hustler Beating Not at Samuel-Navarro Home

We have an urgent request from a new homeowner to clear up a misstatement about the history of his recent purchase. In a post from January, titled: "Can terrible taste cause divorce?" we said the following: "Built for Louis Samuel and later owned by silent screen actor Ramon Navarro, who was beaten to death by a street hustler in the home, the Samuel-Navarro house was purchased and restored by Diane Keaton in the 90s."

The new owner asks us to clarify. In fact Ramon Navarro was not living in the home when he was beaten to death by a street hustler. That apparently occurred at a different home. He concludes with this confirmation that the previous owners had some poor taste and really f'd up the house.

"Now as for the rest of the article, I whole heartedly agree. The burden to bring the house back to it's original glory is my task! (no dark colors.... I am a huge Lloyd Wright fan and my family is friends with Eric Wright (Lloyd Wright's son), who will be consulting me to bring the house back to it's original state)." Is everyone clear now? Street hustler murder = NO! Cristina Ricci and Adam Goldberg's bad taste = YES!
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